Cap Sud Ouest Ossau -Lacs d'Ayous

Majestic Pic du Midi d’Ossau in the translucent waters of Lake Ayous! Sunday 31 May, at 12:55 pm on France 3, Cap Sud Ouest invites you to the Ossau Valley. First part of our expedition around the Pic with the lakes road. Departure from Bious Artigues in direction of the refuge of the lake of Ayous. A hike as easy as it is marvellous in magnificent landscapes. Arrival at the Ayous refuge overlooking the lake facing the lord of Béarn, the Pic du Midi d’Ossau. Attending the sunset at this place is never forgotten….

Tourist office Coeur de Béarn - Monein Orthez

Sophie accompanies you on a winegrower’s walk: Welcome to the heart of the Jurançon AOC, an AOC which was created in 1936 for the sweet Jurançon and in 1975 for the dry Jurançon. But the history of this wine is much older… It is said that Henri IV would have been baptized with a clove of garlic and a drop of Jurançon… During the walk, between the vines, wooded paths, view on the hillsides and the Pyrenees, you can discover the secrets of this wine, its making… As well as some legends related to the vine and the Béarn. Once the walk is over, you will go to a domain for a well deserved tasting.

Tourist office Coeur de Béarn - Monein Orthez

The Church of St. Girons in Monein

Cécilia, a guide at the Tourist Office, will take you to visit the church of Saint-Girons and its framework :
Welcome to the church Saint-Girons de Monein. This church, the largest gothic church in Béarn, was built at the end of the 15th century. The interior of this church has many treasures, from its furniture to its astonishing paintings and its 17th century organ. But the highlight of this monument remains its roof structure, unique in France. After climbing up 72 of the steps of the spiral staircase, take a seat to discover the sound and light show, admire this double-hull frame of an overturned ship and discover its secrets.

Direction one summer in Béarn

Hiking, wide open spaces, hilly vineyards, lakes of the Pyrenees: open your windows to let the sun come in and take out your glasses, we take you for a ride in the Béarn !